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How to properly measure your watch or jewelry fold over H clasp

Posted by Robert Metcalf on

Is your favorite watch or bracelet no longer fitting?

A couple of years ago this would have meant a costly trip to the jeweler where they would make a clasp for you and because of this many chose to just put it in a drawer.  Welcome to the 21st century as this is no longer the case. Being one of the few main suppliers of this after market product line in the world, a lot of my customers are now enjoying the pleasures of wearing what was put away for years for under $10.00

For many they are hearing about this new product line when admiring their friends watches or jewelry and then they learn where they to can buy one. Click Here

Now that they know where to purchase, the question I get asked most often before or after the purchase is what size do I need?

These watch band clasp come in industry standard sizes and I carry them in 2mm-16mm in both gold and silver tones. On my info page I have pictures and print to size PDF's that include shadow charts and measuring tapes in cm/mm increments.

Please note that some brands at times will use a non industry standard clasp. Most non industry standard clasp come in half sizes. i.e. instead of 7mm it would be a 7.5mm... In these cases we custom make the clasp using the housing from a 8mm and the clasp from a 7mm. Problem solved and looks nice. In other cases they may use an over size link with an under size clasp. In those cases we use spacers and recommend allowing us to lock the clasp.

If you purchase from me, we do not charge to custom make or fit your clasp other than shipping and if needed  the cost of insurance if you have sent us an item to be fitted.

Whether you purchase from me or not you are welcome to use the sizing charts and measuring tapes by going to my info site Click Here


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