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Is your watch band clasp no longer staying closed?

Posted by Robert Metcalf on

Is your watch band clasp no longer staying closed?


Before replacing it, may I suggest simply resetting the tension. Whether your clasp is new or has a few days behind it, eventually it will begin to lose its tension. Most jeweler's will tell you that it needs replaced and maybe it does, but before replacing let us try resetting the tension.


This process works best on stainless steel and plated brass clasps. If titanium you can use other methods, but for the purpose of this tutorial blog and the fact that I sell my clasps in stainless steel and plated stainless steel I will refer you to the picture with written instructions. This can also be found at my information site at which is a subsidiary of


If after resetting your clasp you decide that it should be replaced, you are in luck. I carry in stock 2-16mm watch band/bracelet clasp extenders. If it is only the clasp that you need, simply ask me to separate the clasp from the extender.

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